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An addiction can be connected with a loss of control. Associated with this condition are the consumption and reliance on a certain substance or activity. Behaviours may cause interference with daily tasks and responsibilities. Addictions rarely revolve around just our item of choice. They are complex emotional issues that can be influenced by our family environment, relationships, school, career, and friends. Addictions can include: Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, eating and smoking.

Signs and Symptoms

Most of the time the pattern of behaviour linked to any signs of addiction relates back to a loss of self control, however addiction can be noticed through excessive cravings or compulsiveness and the continuation of using despite adverse affects. These patterns of behaviour could include aspects such as social scenarios that reinforce the addiction. Further aspects may be behavioural, involving notions of secrecy and paranoid behaviour. Other pieces of evidence may be more obvious. Changes in personality and emotions and also more noticeable identifiers such as memory loss can be common. There are other behavioural and emotional changes to search for, these can include: blaming other factors or people for their problems associated with addiction, increased levels of anxiety, depression, and sadness, increased sensitivity and more severe reactions to stress, trouble identifying feelings, trouble telling the difference between feelings and the physical sensations of one’s emotions. Physcial aspects can include dramatic weight changes, being overactive or underactive, dilated pupils and altered eating habits. It is most important to search for these identifiers that can be physical, emotional, and behavioural that will all demonstrate you or someone else is a avid user or abuser of a certain substance.  

If you or your loved one is experiencing these signs or symptoms then Genesee counselling can help them on the path to recovery. We will work to build coping strategies and research why the chosen substance of abuse is the only way for the individual to cope, we will be dedicated to helping you or your loved one get well. 


Feelings of Guilt and Neglect Towards Others

Different Forms of Addiction

It is important to remember that there are many different forms of addiction, but Genesee is prepared to help you address any that you are currently experiencing in your life. Many people do not understand that addiction does not have to be substance and drug related addiction. Many mental health sources point to numerous different addictions in our society today and how to cope with them accordingly. Some of the more common, yet less thought of are certain addictions such as gambling which can have huge impacts on your life and family through notions such as excessive spending habits and acquiring large amounts of debt. Other addictions that are more common in today's society are internet and social media addiction. Many individuals brush this off assuming that having such an addiction is in no way possible, however many do not understand that when checking social media and other such sites we receive a small portion of dopamine to the brain and happiness from being recognized on Facebook, receiving texts and even up to date on e-mails. It becomes a very difficult habit to break and overcome. Further addictions can include addiction to food and overeating or even under eating. Both these have incredibly harmful effects on the body physically but can also impact your mental health over time. Due to the large increase in the Porn industry Sex addiction is becoming much more rampant in a society so engrossed in technology. This addiction can not only distort your understanding of common and regular sex but has incredibly negative impacts for relationships and marriages. These are just a few common examples but it is important to understand that if you believe you are experiencing an addiction to seek help from a professional and work towards overcoming this ailment which is most likely having negative outcomes on your quality of life. 

Compulsive Behaviours

What also remains a huge aspect is compulsive behaviour. Addicts of any sort will do whatever they have to in order to achieve the level of euphoria or "high" they receive from their individual addiction. This may also mean resorting to more dangerous, or reckless means in certain cases in order to do so. In life we each have our own indulgences and vices but if left unchecked and unrecognized these pieces that exist can very quickly start to consume your life. It is important again to seek professional help if you or your loved one is experiencing any forms of overly compulsive behaviour. Furthermore, it is important to recognize the compulsive behaviour in someone you know. Make sure you pay close attention to their mannerisms and any significant change in normal or regular behaviour. Inquire and ask questions about unusual behaviour or activities and ensure you address them with the individual.