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Coping with Depression

This informative article delivers unique and helpful strategies to embrace and cope with depressive symptoms. Everything from participating in particular activities, building a self care plan and even more overlooked aspects such as healthy exercise and more effective sleeping habits. The article itself is a great start to provide you with ideas to better manage your depression and understand how you can overcome negative thoughts and feelings.

10 Things to do When You Have a Depressed Teen

This article is particularly helpful in providing tangible ways to notice that you have a depressed teenager and further employ means of addressing the situation as well as providing other resources to assist you as a concerned parent. The piece provides knowledge on how to approach your teen, look for particular warning signs and concepts such as receiving a physical from a doctor to rule out other feelings or complications. The article also reinforces being loving and empathetic during this rough parental period, a piece of information that can be helpful for any parent to react to during this time.

How to Understand Your Partner’s (Or Your Own) Sexual Abuse History

This piece written by Samantha Rodman PhD and a clinical psychologist, provides many knowledgeable and incredibly informative answers to some of the hardest questions to answer regarding the understanding of your partners sexual abuse and what it means for your current relationship. These questions range in complexity from confusion: "What happened to them? This has nothing to do with me and our current relationship" to anger, frustration and blame: "They are just using this (sexual abuse) as an excuse to not have sex with me". Dr. Rodman does a fantastic job at addressing these and other questions and hopefully many you have had in regards to your own relationship with your significant other. She further demonstrates how you can utilize this new found knowledge pertaining to sexual abuse to better address your partner in empathetic ways and repair any damage that may have incurred through this difficult time period.

On Grief, Loss and Coping

Psych Central provides interesting insight into coping and loss. The article details aspects of the commonly known five stages of grief and rationalizes that grief is experienced by everyone differently and that your own emotions and feelings towards loss are nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. The article goes further to chronicle human resilience and the light at the end of the tunnel. The website itself has a number of other articles you may find helpful during your own time of loss and notions of hope and resilience to know that these feelings will not last forever.

Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress


The article provided from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America provides one with thought provoking strategies to cope with anxiety. These methods are very basic but can often be concepts or ideas an individual has overlooked. The suggestions provided can significantly aid an individual experiencing large amounts of stress and anxiety. The article further depicts how both mind, body and actions can all be utilized to help address the anxiety and stress being faced. Lastly it provides aspects of fitness tips and the benefit of physical exercise to address stress.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

This article written by Mayo Clinic provides useful tips to acknowledge an onset of SAD and how to recognize common symptoms and feelings. Often individuals start to experience some form of negative feelings during fall and winter but when it develops into more than just the common "winter blues", and involves forms of depression that's when you need to recognize you are dealing with SAD, a legitimate mental health concern. The article further depicts risk factors and when to contact a professional regarding your condition. This may be helpful to you if you are suffering from a change in personality and develop severe negative thoughts during the late fall and winter months. It is important that you seek treatment and address SAD accordingly.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Lacking in Motivation?

Although straight forward and to the point this article outlines some very basic points to keep you motivated and stay motivated even when it can be very tough to cope in life. Simple solutions such as addressing the positive aspects in your life and allowing them to take the fore front, giving yourself personal time to address the issues, and simply being gentle with yourself knowing that maybe right now you're not doing so well, but that's okay. Be sure to understand that these feelings are normal and happen to everyone from time to time. The article provides useful information to help you stay mentally well and keep focused on your day to day tasks and stay positive.

10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

We have all struggled at some point with our partner or significant other. Some days it can be difficult to appreciate them and who they are. It can be challenging to accept their differences and learn to love them openly. This resource provides simplistic yet effective tactics to keep a marriage strong and positive. It addresses aspects of day to day routine that start to be taken for granted. Doing such small things as appreciating your significant others flaws, listening and being respectful and building trust into your relationship, are all small and yet significantly important pieces that can all have huge impact on your relationship. If you need further help it is always important to get professional help if your marriage is being impacted by a large scale issue, however it is incredibly important to not let the small things affect your marriage and remember to be honest, open and loving towards your partner.