Life Transitions
A change in lifestyle, whether small or large can cause a great deal of impact. Circumstances may present new demands creating various challenges. Those struggling with adjusting to the transition can greatly benefit from therapy. A life change can be accompanied with feelings of fear, frustration, stress, confusion, anxiety, and worry. We can help ease any unsteady feelings, making the new transition easier.

Empty nest
Having children 

As we work together in therapy you will:
Come to like yourself and even love yourself again.
Strengthen your self esteem and regain your personal dignity.
Be content with your place in the world.
Recognize and accept the amazingly creative ways you learned to cope with past stresses in your life. You will discover new strategies that will be more effective for your current problems.
Improve your ability for decision making. Gain the confidence to take that new job ... leave your marriage ... start a family.
Know what you want from life and use your new self-assertion skills to achieve your dreams.
Accept your own strength of character and come to terms with difficult health challenges.
Learn to communicate better with yourself and others. Know what you want and how to build happier relationships with family members, friends and work colleagues.

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