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Depression Counselling

Depression is a state of low mood in which people feel helpless, hopeless, worthless, lethargic and unable to enjoy the things that used to give them pleasure.  People who are depressed are often irritable or pessimistic.  Their low mood goes beyond having "the blues" or being sad. Even people who are grieving usually do not sink into depression.

Anxiety Counselling:
Anxiety has been frequently described as feelings of fright, flight or freeze.  This means that people experiencing anxiety have both the mental and the physical feelings of wanting to escape the situation, fight what is challenging or simply cannot move in any direction to deal with what is troubling them.  There are many forms of anxiety from constant worrying to compulsive behaviours (OCD) to try to control the environment. Some forms of anxiety are named for the situations which provokes it.

Mood disorders describes a disruption or disturbance in affect or disposition (mood). Mood disorders include the diagnoses of depression, bipolar disorder, grief reactions, seasonal affective disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and dysthymic disorder.

Personality Disorders:
It is important to remember that all of us may experience some of the characteristics of personality disorders from time to time in our lives in varying degrees. But an actual personality disorder is defined by the extremes of several traits and by the rather inflexible way these traits are expressed, as well as their influence on our activities and relationships of day-to-day life.

Addiction Counselling:
An addiction can be connected with a loss of control. Associated with this condition are the consumption and reliance on a certain substance or activity. Behaviours may cause interference with daily tasks and responsibilities. Addictions rarely revolve around just our item of choice. They are complex emotional issues that can be influenced by our family environment, relationships, school, career, and friends. Addictions can include: Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, eating and smoking.
LGTBQ Counselling:

Our counselling helps people who are facing a broad range of issues such as coming out, sexual orientation and gender identity, isolation, discrimination, relationship issues, parenting, transitioning, self-esteem and violence. We recognize the diversity that exists within the community of people who identify as LGBTQ.

While everyone who identifies as LGBTQ experiences discrimination based on sexual orientation, many LGBTQ individuals face other forms of discrimination as well; sometimes from within the community itself. This is particular true for trans and two spirited people. Our programs/services reflect awareness that additional factors such as race, class, age and ability influence the way that individuals experience their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Relationship/Marriage Counselling:

We understand that taking the first step towards addressing your relationship concerns is not always easy. We are here to make it as comfortable as possible for you to get back on track. Whether you need help with infidelity, sexual intimacy, loneliness, anger, or divorce we provide caring, non-judgmental relationship help that safeguards your personal dignity, addresses and corrects the root of the problem. 

Youth Counselling:
There is a very wide range of issues that individual counselling can help you address.  Here are some reasons why young people seek counselling: 
Family conflict or problems in relationships with family/parents
Mental health concerns such as suicidal thoughts, depression, anger and self-harming behaviour
Emotional, physical and sexual abuse
Criminal behaviour
Sexual orientation concerns
Substance abuse
​Talking about personal struggles with a counsellor can help you understand your problems in new ways, identify your strengths, and discuss possible solutions. 

Child Focused Therapy
At Genesee Counselling we understand the delicate nature of a child's mind. The early stages of a child's life are crucial to their future development. We are taking a child focused approach to the difficulties or challenges that families are faced with through attachment theory and play. We strive to help children experiencing grief, traumatic events, anxiety, stress, attachment issues and other difficulties that families are faced with work through those challenges. We will work with children from toddler age through to adolescence with the overarching goal of strengthening the family as a unit.

Trauma Counselling:

Psychological Trauma is damage to the psyche as a response to a traumatic event in one’s life. This can involve a single traumatic experience, or an enduring or repeating event or events that completely overwhelm our ability to cope and integrate our ideas and emotions.

Life Transitions:
Life is about change and change can be challenging to say the least. Becoming an adult, having relationships, building a career and a comfortable life are things to strive for and should bring you personal meaning and a sense of contentment.

But sometimes things don't quite work out as planned and a time of transition can become a major life challenge. You've lost control and are confused. You may have trouble sleeping - finding it an effort to get out of bed in the morning. You may feel anxious and worried about the future. Perhaps you are in conflict with people and you might not even like yourself very much anymore.

Grief Counselling:
Losing someone or something you love or care deeply about is very painful. You may experience all kinds of difficult emotions and it may feel like the pain and sadness you're experiencing will never let up. These are normal reactions to a significant loss. But while there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain that, in time, can renew you and permit you to move on.


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